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Unspookable: A Podcast Review For Parents

Updated March 14, 2024


Overall Rating: ⭐ 4.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 8 and up

If your family’s favorite holiday is Halloween or you love telling ghost stories on the family camping trip, then this podcast is for you. Unspookable is a podcast that surveys all the popular, long-standing scary myths — think the Boogeyman, Friday the 13th, and Bloody Mary. In an average episode, you can expect dramatic storytelling by the host, Elise Parisian, with spooky background music. But you can also expect a scientific and historical deep dive into the chosen myth. Plus, you get to hear snippets of kids explaining what they know about the urban legend so your child can relate.

But just how spooky is Unspookable and is it appropriate for kids? We took our own deep dive into this podcast to answer those important questions for you!

Harmful Content ❗️


Unspookable episodes are eerie yet entertaining. The podcast approaches each urban legend with tons of research into how they came to be and why they resonate with people. The topics include unexplainable phenomena like the Bermuda Triangle, as well as some otherworldly ones such as witches and ouija boards.  

In the same way that some people love scary movies and others don’t, some kids find Unpookable fun and others may not. Some kids may just be more sensitive to the content and find it genuinely scary. Even though the podcast is intended to be appropriate for ages around 8 and up, it may not be suitable for all kids. 



There’s no adult or explicit language. Some of the language is strong and intense to add to the chilling tone of the story, but nothing too mature for young ears. 



There is no sexual content. 



Some episodes may include some mildly violent or intense content, depending on the stories being told. For instance, the episodes on werewolves and sasquatch talk about how these mystical creatures would attack people. These parts of the stories are fairly descriptive, but not overly gory. More sensitive kids may want to skip these episodes, but overall the podcast handles the violent content tactfully.

Positive Value 💫


Unspookable does a great job of tempering these fantastical stories with fascinating research, while still appreciating the mystery of each one. The episodes tap into every kid’s natural curiosity by taking a closer look at stories we hear all the time. But instead of just accepting them at face value, kids are asked to consider where they came from and why we still hear about it. 

Even with all the scientific and historical background, the episodes don’t generally end with a hard conclusion as to what’s real and what’s fake. The podcast leaves the question up to the listeners, allowing them to decide what they believe about each topic. Kids learn two important things from this: that it’s good to question things and it’s okay to not always have all the answers.

So, should my kid listen to it?

If spooky stories are your kid’s cup of tea, then absolutely! For kids around 8 and up, Unspookable is a great storytelling podcast.