How To Set Up Hulu Parental Controls

Hulu is a subscription-based service that streams movies and TV shows. Hulu can be accessed through devices such as Roku boxes, gaming consoles, Apple TVs, Amazon Fire products, or online through web browsers. It’s also available as an app download for smartphones and tablets for use on the go.

Setting Parental Controls on Hulu

As the primary account holder, you have the option to control viewing on your account by creating individual profiles for everyone who will be using the account, or by adjusting the age setting for the account as a whole.

Mature content is automatically restricted based on the age associated with the individual Hulu profile. Children under the age of 13 will not be able to watch any R-rated films, or shows rated TV-MA from their individual profile. However, if you set up a profile for a child 13 or above and do not opt for a Kids profile, your child will be able to access any content on Hulu, including mature content such as R-rated films and show rated TV-MA.

To enable these restrictions, you must either create a new individual profile or contact Hulu to adjust the age setting for the entire account. Contacting Hulu for an age setting adjustment will block mature content for all profiles on the account.

How to create a profile for your child

  1. Log in to Hulu from a computer.
  2. Click + Add Profile on the Who’s Watching screen.
  3. On the next screen, provide a profile name and toggle on the Kids feature to automatically provide only kid-friendly programming. Then, click Create Profile.
    1. Alternatively, you can leave the Kids switch toggled off and provide your child’s birthdate and gender.
  4. Fill in the appropriate information, check the box to indicate parental permission, and click Create Profile.

NOTE: If you’re watching Hulu on a device with its own set of universal parental controls, such as a gaming console, Hulu will operate under your device settings.

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