Porn Is a Problem. Bark Can Help.

Porn is more common than you think

In 2022, 62.4% of tweens and 82.2% of teens encountered nudity or content of a sexual nature.

The average first age for viewing porn is 12.

58% of teens have seen porn accidentally while online.

How Bark Can Help Families

Monitor for pornographic images in texts, social media, and more

Bark's phone monitoring app for parents can alert you to harmful messages

Block inappropriate sites with the tap of a button

Get alerts for attempted porn access

Pricing & Details

No upfront cost. No contract required. Cancel anytime.

  • Bark Phone with USB-C charging cord
  • Comes with a subscription to Bark Premium for the entire family
  • Includes exclusive Bark Phone features like undeletable texts, location tracking, remote phone lock, and more
  • Free transfer of your kid's current phone number to the Bark Phone
  • Protective case
  • Unlimited talk and text with data plans that fit your family’s needs
  • Free shipping
Starting at
$ 49 USD /mo

Features Youll Love

“The best way to empower your child to make healthy decisions online that will protect them from harmful explicit content is to have open, honest, and ongoing conversations with them about porns harms.

Bark is a wonderful resource that helps facilitate these discussions by alerting you when your child has been exposed to adult material.”

–Natale McAneney, Executive Director of Fight the New Drug

Take Control with the Bark Phone

Help protect your child with a phone designed to put parents in charge.