Block Websites On Phones & Computers

Available for iOS, Android, Microsoft, Google & Amazon devices & browsers:

Today’s kids face dangers we didn’t have to. Bark can help.

Bark can also help you…

⏳ Manage screen time

Create custom schedules for app use or pause the internet altogether to create healthy boundaries.

🔎 Monitor texts & online content

Monitor text messages, websites, and social media for inappropriate content in messages and photos.

🧭 Track location

Worry less when your kid is out and about with our live GPS, location alerts, and check-ins.

Pricing & Details

  • Monitor texts, email, YouTube, and 30+ apps and platforms
  • Monitor web searches and saved photos & videos
  • Receive parental monitoring alerts for issues like cyberbullying, online predators, suicidal ideation, and more
  • Get insights into your child’s digital activities
  • Learn how to address issues with child-psychologist advice and tips
  • Manage screen time
  • Block website and apps
  • Keep up with kids with location alerts and check-ins
$ 14 USD /mo

Bark App FAQs

How does Bark's content filtering work?

Bark's content filtering feature lets you customize the sites and apps allowed on your child's devices. You can insert a specific site you'd like to restrict, or choose from our 19 different curated categories.

What can Bark's website blocking app do?

Bark's web blocking app allows you to choose which sites and apps your child can access, and when. You can restrict specific sites (like Netflix) or whole categories (like streaming services). You can also create exceptions within each, if needed.

How customizable is Bark's website blocking app?

Bark's website blocking app gives you comprehensive customization options! You can manually input specific websites and apps or use our pre-built categories to make it simple. Every single item can be toggled on or off as you choose. You can also create exceptions within each, if needed.

Can Bark pause the internet?

Yes, Bark allows you to pause all internet activity (other than calls and texts for emergency purposes) with the tap of a button!

How does Bark’s monitoring technology work?

Bark’s artificial intelligence (AI) scans for worrisome content in children’s texts, emails, photos, videos, and content in 30+ apps and social media platforms. Our state-of-the-art AI does more than flag simple keywords, however. Bark’s algorithm analyzes language in context and is trained to recognize the ever-evolving nuances of kid, tween, and teen slang — including memes, emojis, and more.

Does Bark analyze images and videos?

Yes, Bark analyzes images and videos associated with a message or that are stored on a device. They're analyzed for nudity, violence, and other inappropriate content, including text added to the images.

How does Bark protect children’s privacy?

As kids grow into adults, we believe they need to learn how to live and thrive with technology — which is why we don’t give parents unfettered access to their kids’ online activities. Instead, Bark only alerts parents to potentially concerning situations. Kids can keep their privacy, and parents can save time by not having to scroll through every message.

We also have strenuous safeguards in place to protect your family’s data. All databases, physical servers, and web browsing sessions are encrypted to help secure your child’s data and give you peace of mind that their information is protected. We also comply with more privacy regulations than are legally required of us.

What is included in Bark’s location sharing features?

Bark’s location features include real-time tracking on a map, location alerts and check-ins! Combined, they give you peace of mind that comes with knowing that your kid is actually where they're supposed to be at a given time.

What can Bark's location sharing features be used for?

You can use Bark's location tracking features to be alerted to your child's movements throughout their day! Need to know that they got home from school safely? Done. Want to be sure they actually went to their friend's house? You got it. Want to be alerted if they try to sneak out at night? Definitely. The possibilities are truly endless.

What do Bark's iOS parental controls include?

Bark's iOS parental controls include content monitoring, website blocking, screen time management, and location sharing! Apple places certain restrictions on what can be managed on iOS devices, but Bark provides the most comprehensive coverage to help protect your kid as they spend time online.

What can Bark's parental controls for Android devices do?

Bark's parental controls for Androids give you the power to monitor your child’s online activities in a groundbreaking way. 

Our content monitoring uses advanced AI to scan messages, posts, comments, replies, web searches, and so much more to find potential dangers. If something concerning is found, you’ll get a timely alert so you can check in and make sure everything is okay. Learn more about what Bark monitors on Android devices here.

In addition to monitoring, Bark also lets you manage screen time, block websites & apps, and track location 24/7.

These key features work together to build a powerful digital safety net to help you protect your child online and in real life.

How much does the Bark app cost?

We offer two plans — Bark Premium and Bark Jr — a single subscription covers every child and device in your family, with no limit on accounts, devices, or kids. Both plans come with a 7-day free trial:

Bark Premium ($14/month or $99/year)

  • Parent’s top choice for comprehensive coverage.
  • Monitor and receive alerts for your child’s social media, phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Manage screen time, block specific websites and apps, and track their location.

Bark Jr ($5/month or $49/year)

  • Gain control over screen time, block unwanted websites and apps, and filter inappropriate content.
  • Track your child's whereabouts with live GPS, location alerts, and check-in features.
How does the 7-day free trial work?

When you sign up for Bark Premium or Bark Jr (our apps), you’ll have the full trial period to decide if you want to become a paid subscriber. Even though we require a credit card for COPPA verification, we won’t charge it until your 7-day trial is over.

Is the Bark app available outside the U.S.?

The Bark app is currently available in the United States, South Africa, Guam, and Australia. We’re continually working to bring Bark to more families around the world.