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Student Privacy Pledge

Student Privacy Pledge

Bark is proud to have officially signed the Student Privacy Pledge. The Student Privacy Pledge is a legally binding agreement on how educational technology companies commit to responsibly handling the data and privacy of students across the U.S. Signing this pledge...

Safety at School: Case Study

Safety at School: Case Study

Our mission at Bark for Schools is to help keep K-12 students across the country safe online and in real life, but we know that it takes more than just schools to make this happen. Our free Parent Portal — formerly known as the Family Alerts Dashboard — empowers...

Free Web Filtering for Schools

Free Web Filtering for Schools

Bark for Schools, the trusted partner of more than 1,700 school districts across the U.S. for student account monitoring, is proud to announce its free web filtering for schools feature. As with the rest of the service, this feature is completely free and available...

Summer Safety For Kids

Summer Safety For Kids

School is beginning to wind down for the summer, but that doesn’t mean that Bark for Schools will be taking a break from summer safety. Our technology, reviewers, School Safety Managers, and customer service team work year-round to make sure that your students are...

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