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Stuff You Should Know: A Podcast Review For Parents 

Updated September 20, 2023


Overall Rating: ⭐ 4.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 12 and up

Podcasts are an awesome source of entertainment for all ages — kids and adults alike! We’ve heard from our parents that sometimes the drive to school is best accompanied by a podcast that both parents and kids can get excited about. That’s why we decided to add podcasts as the latest section to our content reviews, so you can have a steady stream of podcast recommendations fit for your family. 

Starting off strong, we’ll be reviewing Stuff You Should Know. This podcast is essentially a grab bag of random topics that the hosts, Josh and Chuck, research and share with listeners in a lighthearted and comedic way. It’s available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Pandora, and just about anywhere else you get your podcasts. But before you press play, keep reading to find out if it’s a safe choice for your kids!

Harmful Content ❗️


The hosts of Stuff You Should Know cover almost any topic you can think of — from the scientific reason we have body odor to the fascinating history of journaling. While the episodes generally keep things pretty clean and family-friendly, they do sometimes hit on some mature topics that may evoke some curious questions from your kids. Not every episode may be suitable for younger kids, so it’s advisable for parents to read the episode descriptions before letting them listen. There are episodes about dead bodies, fatal drugs, severe mental illnesses, and even Nazi war criminals from World War II — but there are hundreds of other episodes that aren’t so intense. 



Every now and then, an episode will have an inappropriate word such as “a**” or “hell.” Other than that, language is usually PG. 



Some topics, especially ones of a scientific or anatomical nature, may veer into physical differences between men and women. Sometimes there are references to the “groin” area. However, besides this, there is no explicit sexual content. 



Most episodes are far from violent, but again, a handful of their topics may border on intense for some audiences. The hosts always speak very candidly about the research they find, so discussions on things related to tragic history or gory science may not be appropriate for all kids. 

Positive Value 💫


Stuff You Should Know does an excellent job of presenting random yet interesting research in an easily digestible way. The hosts have a great dynamic with their listeners that makes it feel like you’ve sat in on an enlightening conversation with old friends. 

Oftentimes, the content kids consume nowadays is all about the latest fashion trends, pop culture gossip, or mindless games that quickly become addictive. But this podcast is a great way for kids to learn about a wide range of topics in science, history, current events, and so much more! 

So, should my kid listen to it?

Absolutely! For ages 12 and up, you can find an endless list of episodes that your child will find fascinating. Younger kids can still enjoy the podcast as well, just be sure to screen the episodes!