Block Websites on iPhone Devices

Looking for a tool to help you block porn from the devices your child uses? Bark is here to help.

Advanced Site Blocking Tools

Ready to restrict access to all sexual websites? Want to prevent your kid from being able to exchange nudes on Snapchat?

Bark can help with that (and so much more), and offers the best site blocking features of any other parental control tool.

How to Block YouTube Channels

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How do Bark's parental control iPhone features compare to others?

We believe Bark provides the most iPhone coverage of any parental control tool! It’s also a great alternative to Apple Screen Time or Google Family Link because it lets parents get more granular with screen time limits and blocking.

If your kid has an iPhone or iPad, Bark lets you:

  • Monitor texts and saved photos & videos
  • Monitor 30+ social media platforms and apps
  • Manage screen time
  • Block websites and apps
  • Track location in real time
How do Bark's parental control iPhone features work?

You simply connect your child's devices and accounts to your Bark parent account to start keeping them safe online! Don't worry — we walk you through every step of the way.

How do I use a parental control app for iPhone devices?

Once you sign up for Bark, you’ll connect your child's iPhone and add social media accounts and apps. Then, you’ll be able to receive alerts, set time limits, block websites, and more. With Bark, you’ll manage everything from your own phone or through a web browser.

Helpful Resources

Resources to give you more information about your family’s porn blocking needs.