Android Location Tracking & Check-In Alerts

Location sharing

Endless Location Sharing Uses

Just a few of the things you can do with Bark’s family location sharing features:

  • Make sure your kid gets to school safely
  • Get an alert if your teen sneaks out of the house at night
  • Collaborate with a co-parent to help keep your kid safe
  • Rest assured that your child made it to their BFF’s house on their skateboard
  • And so much more!

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Family location sharing app
family location sharing app

Extra Protection With Check-Ins

Real-Life Use Cases

It can sometimes be tricky to know exactly how a family location sharing app can help your family.

These examples show real ways Bark supports your kid's overall well-being.

Sports Practices

Maria Q. uses Bark’s family location sharing app to let her know when her 14-year-old gets to basketball practice.

After Dark

Bark gives David B. peace of mind when his 11-year-old, Sasha, is heading to her BFF’s house for a fun sleepover.

Independent Kids

14-year-old Marcus loves to skateboard, so his mom, Ashlee, uses Bark to give him independence (safely).

Our Products & Prices

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Bark Jr

Our entry-level product is perfect for younger kids.

$ 5 USD /month
$ 49 USD /year with annual plan
  • Manage screen time
  • Filter which websites your kids can visit
  • Keep up with kids with location alerts and check-ins
  • Monitor texts, email, YouTube, and 30+ apps and platforms
  • Get alerts for issues like cyberbullying, online predators, suicidal ideation, and more


How do Bark's location alerts work?

If you'd like to start keeping track of your child's visits to and from a location, simply add the address to your child's profile in your Bark app. Give the address a name to explain what it is, (for example, "Sarah's house" or "Soccer practice"), and then when your kid starts to move, you'll receive an alert!

How large is the radius for a location?

The radius is adjustable down to 200 meters (~656 feet). This is the perfect size so that you're alerted if they start to change locations, but not so small that you get an alert every time they walk from geometry class to the cafeteria.

What can Bark's location sharing features be used for?

You can use Bark's location tracking features to be alerted to your child's movements throughout their day! Need to know that they got home from school safely? Done. Want to be sure they actually went to their friend's house? You got it. Want to be alerted if they try to sneak out at night? Definitely. The possibilities are truly endless.

What is included in Bark’s location sharing features?

Bark’s location features include real-time tracking on a map, location alerts and check-ins! Combined, they give you peace of mind that comes with knowing that your kid is actually where they're supposed to be at a given time.