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SMH Meaning, Examples & More

Here's everything parents need to know.

SMH Meaning: "Shaking my head."

Kids often use this acronym to express displeasure.

For example, if their friend sent them a text message saying, “My mom said we aren’t allowed to go see the new Marvel movie this weekend,” the kid might respond with, “Smh bro.”

How to Talk With Your Kid About Slang

Want to talk with your child about slang meanings? Here are a few conversation starters for kids to help you teach them healthy tech habits.

  • “What’s a new word you and your friends are into right now?”
  • “When I was your age, people would say something was ‘all that and a bag of chips’ if it was awesome. What’s your favorite word to describe something as cool?”
  • “I know emojis can mean something different to kids than they do to parents. Are there any emojis I use that you think I should stop using?”
  • “If you could describe yourself using just one emoji, which one would you pick?”

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