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Good Mythical Morning: A YouTube Channel Review For Parents

Updated May 2, 2024


Overall Rating: ⭐ 2.5 / 5

Recommended Age: 13 and up

Good Mythical Morning is like late-night television except it’s for YouTube — and in the morning. It’s essentially a variety show featuring all types of content such as interviews, comedy skits, challenges, and so much more. The hosts, Rhett McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln Neal or “Link”, are some of the original “internetainers”, making videos online since the early 2000s. While their content has explored many genres over the years, Good Mythical Morning seems to be the polished culmination of all their internetainment endeavors. 

So, is Good Mythical Morning safe for kids to watch? That’s what we’ll explore in this review, including any harmful content and positive value that’s worthwhile for your kid. Let’s jump in!

Harmful Content ❗️


The general consensus is that Good Mythical Morning is mostly family-friendly, with some immature, adult humor mixed into select episodes. Their biggest offender is probably their toilet humor, so if your family has strict rules against this, GMM might not be the best fit. Other than that, most of the adult humor is brief and not the focus of the whole episode. 

It’s important to note that young kids are not actually their target audience, even though Rhett and Link keep their content clean enough for most kids to watch. This is why some more adult content can end up on the show. Specifically, parents should keep an eye on episodes with special guest appearances, as this is where profanity or sexual jokes are more likely to fly depending on the guest. 

Rhett and Link might be cleaner than the average YouTuber, but they’re not immune to the strange and shock-factor content that’s common on the app. One example is that they have an episode where they vlog getting colonoscopies together. It’s more bizarre than anything, but some parents may not feel these types of episodes are appropriate for kids. 



In general, the language is pretty clean on GMM. There are infrequent uses of words like “hell.” If more severe words like “sh*t” are used, they’re almost always bleeped out. 



Rhett and Link’s humor is not explicitly sexual, but sometimes an innuendo will make its way into an episode. Often it’s related to crude references to male genitalia. 



If there’s any violence in Good Mythical Morning, it’s always in the vein of slapstick comedy, but it’s relatively rare.

Positive Value 💫


One way to describe Good Mythical Morning is that it’s thoughtful and nonsensical at the same time. Rhett and Link have always been dedicated to producing quality content for their viewers, but just watching a few minutes of the show will tell you they don’t take themselves too seriously. They’re all about exploring the ridiculousness of life. This is often in the form of crazy food tests like trying a Sour Patch Kid chicken nugget or pickle-flavored cookies. It’s never a bad thing to remind kids to be silly and creative just for the sake of it!

Parents may appreciate that Rhett and Link’s videos are not super “over the top” with high-pitched voices and constant jump cuts to keep up with short attention spans. Many popular YouTubers embrace this style, but GMM is slow and relaxed but still pleasantly humorous enough to entertain you and your kids. 

Lastly, the thing that draws most viewers to the show is the obvious friendship between Rhett and Link. They’ve been friends since first grade, and their bond adds something special to each episode. Hopefully, kids watching are encouraged to find their good friends they can be themselves with and have fun with in the same way. 

So, should my kid watch it?

We’d say this show is appropriate for around 13 and up! The amount of adult humor you want to allow depends on your family’s values and what you’re comfortable with. But we hope this review gave you a solid understanding of what to expect to make the right decision for your child!