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Ted Lasso: A TV Show Review For Parents

Updated June 28, 2023


Overall Rating: ⭐ 2.5 / 5

Recommended Age: 15

Ted Lasso, an overly optimistic Kansas native and American football coach is hired to go across the pond to England and coach a struggling football team — meaning soccer, of course. He has almost everything he needs — great players, helpful assistant coaches, and an unwavering belief that the AFC Richmond team will be successful. The only thing he’s missing? Any knowledge about the sport itself. 

This is the premise of the show, Ted Lasso, which came out on Apple TV in 2020. This is a great show if you love soccer (football) and love a good comedy — but parents should wait before they press play for their kids. While the show is good-hearted with positive messaging, there are elements that may not make it suitable for all kids. But good news! We’ve got all the specifics right here. Let’s jump in! 

Harmful Content ❗️


The show keeps a fairly upbeat mood and innocent plot, although there are subplots that hit on some mature topics. For instance, the owner of the team is a woman named Rebecca Welton, who was cheated on by her ex-husband. He also happened to be the previous owner of the team. In the first season, her main goal is to make sure the team is an utter failure to spite her ex-husband. However, by the end of the season, she sees the error of her ways and decides to stop sabotaging the team. 

Coach Lasso has his own personal perils, as he has left his wife and young son behind in America. He and his wife eventually end up getting divorced while he’s away. In later seasons, he develops an anxiety problem and begins having panic attacks. After going to therapy, it is revealed that his father committed suicide as a teenager, something that he is still processing as an adult. 



One of the biggest offenders of the show is the language. Almost every curse or swear word is used at some point in the show, including some that are specific to England that Americans may be oblivious to. F-bombs are dropped frequently and without reservation. And especially when it comes to the game, this kind of language is often used to insult or degrade someone else. 



There are copious sexual references throughout the show. A lot of the drama outside of the football field is centered around relationships and sex. There are some scenes in which sex is alluded to taking place, although nothing explicit is shown. In the first episode of the first season, there is a poster of one of the characters with her breasts shown. Otherwise, there are no instances of nudity in the show. And regarding that poster, Coach Lasso takes some tape and covers it, since the poster was hanging up publicly in the locker room.  



Sometimes, players will get into some roughhousing on the field. There are a couple of scenes of fighting off the field (or “pitch”, as the Brits call it). These are pretty short and tame (i.e., a character gets punched in the face and we see their bloody nose). 

Positive Value 💫


As with any classic underdog story, the show has strong messages of perseverance and teamwork. Over time, Coach Lasso’s never-ending supply of optimism and silly American expressions seem to rub off on almost everyone he meets. They become like a family that shows up for each other no matter what, win or lose. 

Coach Lasso always treats everyone with high respect and, like any good coach, makes sure they reach their highest potential! This is most evident in the character Nate, who starts the show as a “kit man” (equipment manager). But Ted befriends him and realizes he has great ideas when it comes to the game. And so, Nate is eventually promoted to assistant coach. 

So, should my kid watch it?

This one really depends on your own family’s values. This could be a good show for ages around 14 or 15, but ultimately you’ll know what’s most appropriate for your child.