The Ultimate 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

If you’re looking for a helpful gift guide to point you to what in the world you should give a kid in your life, you’re in luck! We’ve rounded up some great options.

holiday gift guide
gift guide

The Best Tablets for Kids

If you have a younger child, a kid who loves watching videos, or just a youngster who needs a portable device, a tablet can be a great option!

Take a look at our picks for the safest, most functional devices.

Great Books for Teens and Tweens

Digital downtime is really important, and reading doesn’t have to be a boring activity!

These books are some of the most engaging ones around. Even the most reading-wary kid is sure to be drawn into these powerful stories.

gift guide

Make sure you add parental controls!

The very best time to add parental controls to a new device is before your kid receives it!

That way, they’re protected from the start and they understand that safeguards are a non-negotiable part of their new gift.

gift guide

The Best Starter Phones for Kids

If your kid is on the younger side, they might not be quite ready for a full-fledged smartphone.

These starter phone picks are just the thing to ease them into the digital world slowly with a few extra safeguards in place.

The Best Laptops for Kids

A laptop is a big purchase, so make sure you’re giving your child one that meets all of their needs (and your safety requirements).

These devices are some of the best ones around.

Smartwatches for kids image with three watches

The Top 3 Smartwatches for Kids

A smartwatch can be a great gift for kids of any age. Younger tweens can use them to get their feet wet in the digital world, and older teens can find them helpful for keeping track of tasks.

Take a look at these great options!

Resources for Tech Gifts

Printable Tech Contract

Before you give your kid new devices, make sure you set expectations.

Ultimate Parental Control Guide

We’ve rounded up parental control options for every device!

Digital Citizenship Guide

The digital citizenship talk can be tough, but it’s so important.