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How To Set Up Marco Polo Parental Controls

Marco Polo is an app that allows people to exchange video messages with one another. Instead of chatting on a video call in real time, users can leave messages for recipients to view and respond to at their leisure. This takes much of the stress, obligation, and awkwardness out of traditional video chatting. Some families even swear by the platform to stay in touch. Unlike many other video apps, there is no texting or direct messaging (DM) option on Marco Polo.

In terms of content, the app itself does not create anything objectionable. What your child sends and receives may vary widely depending on who they’re chatting with. As with other online platforms, they may be exposed to content like profanity, sexual content, violent language, and more.

How to Set Up Parental Controls on Marco Polo

Unfortunately, Marco Polo doesn’t have parental control settings. The app allows users to communicate with friends by inputting their contact information. In this sense, it’s no less safe than texting or using email. But there is always the possibility that this feature could be abused by strangers and online sexual predators if they have obtained a child’s email address or phone number. One way this could happen is if a child gives out their username on another app — like Instagram, for example — to someone they think is a friend of a friend.

Always review your child’s activity and app usage. If possible, download the app to your own device and familiarize yourself with how it works. You also have the ability to review the videos your child has sent and received in the past to watch out for any concerning content. Keep in mind, though, that it’s also possible for them to delete videos. It can be helpful to talk with them about what’s appropriate to share, which can go a long way in preventing worrisome behavior.

You can learn more about Marco Polo here.

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