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2018: Bark by the Numbers Header Company News

2018: Bark by the Numbers

Haley Zapal  |  December 31, 2018

2018 Bark by the Numbers

We wanted to give a year-end update recounting some of the life-changing things we were able to accomplish this year thanks to our partnerships with families and schools. Bark is dedicated to keeping kids safer online and in real life, and our users’ trust in our service enabled us to grow at an incredible rate.  We now monitor more than 3 million kids across the U.S., and we’re poised to monitor millions more in 2019.

Though many of these numbers speak for themselves, they’re more than just facts and figures. Each and every number represents a family working together against a different digital challenge — and we’re honored to spur heart-to-heart conversations, strengthen relationships, and, most importantly, help protect kids from online threats.

Bark helped families, schools, and communities this year by detecting: 

computer animation

1,254,219 instances of cyberbullying

Online harassment is a reality for many kids today, and it doesn’t just occur at school. Cyberbullying can follow kids wherever they bring their devices, which can cause round-the-clock anxiety. Bark monitors both personal and school accounts for online teasing that crosses the line.

band-aid animation

 142,849 communications that discussed self-harm

Signs of depression or suicidal ideation often hide deep within a child’s phone as they text friends or post to social media about their feelings. Often, parents aren’t even aware there’s an issue until Bark sends an alert.

stranger danger animation

99 sexual predators detected

Apps popular with teens and tweens often have chat features where sexual predators may lurk to lure potential victims. Bark’s technology escalates conversations that indicate an adult is communicating with a child so parents can intervene.

alert animation

51 potential acts of violence in schools

In many cases, school shootings are discussed on social media before the actual event. Bark identifies online activities that show an intense interest in violence and weapons or that reveal threatening statements — helping parents, schools, and communities prevent a tragedy before it happens.

Behind the scenes at Bark:

backpack animation

1,050+: number of school districts we monitor

Our Bark for Schools initiative is offered at no cost for all K-12 private and public schools in the U.S. With it, we monitor school-issued G Suite and Office 365 accounts to detect potentially dangerous situations that students may be facing both in and out of school. This year, we also launched the Parent Portal, so schools can share alerts with parents.

badge animation

204 calls made to the FBI in cases of serious danger

In the vast majority of situations when an issue is detected, an email or text alert sent to a parent is enough. But when life-threatening issues are identified and confirmed, we contact the authorities to ensure that children in imminent danger get the help they need.

machine animation

13 million: highest number of online activities analyzed in a single day — a Bark record

Bark uses industry-leading, machine-learning algorithms to continually monitor email messages, chat conversations, documents, and social media activity. The more we grow, the more we monitor — we’re on track to analyze 5 billion total activities next year! That’s a lot of tweets.

How Bark grew:

turkey animation

We expanded from 8 employees in April to 32 folks gathered around the table at our holiday team lunch.

plant animation

We spread from one basement office in Atlanta Tech Village to three connected suites on the fifth floor.

Cali to Florida animation

From Pacific Time to Eastern Standard Time — customer success managers are strategically spread out across every time zone to maximize coverage for customers who need help after work and on weekends.

Bonus facts:

dog toys animation

1: number of people who accidentally subscribed thinking we were a dog treat company

We’re called Bark because our service is like a family’s online guard dog, letting you know when something’s wrong — kind of like Lassie! Though if puppies could use chew toys to text, we’d like to think that puppy parents would use Bark, too.

coffee animation

14,520: number of cups of very strong coffee the Bark team consumed to fuel us as we worked

Our CEO loves an AeroPress, the customer success team's got the Keurig, our creative director uses a French press, and there is a hand-me-down Mr. Coffee maker for the writers and designers. Marketing is really into smoothies, but we try not to talk about that too much.

one star animation

8: Number of one-star reviews from kids

At Bark, we pride ourselves on the fact that our service actually allows kids some privacy. Some kids get a little spicy, though, when they get caught talking about activities or things they definitely shouldn't be doing, and will take to giving us negative reviews online.

slack animation

1,034: number of GIFs sent back and forth on Slack

Whether it’s finding the perfect reaction GIF or debating how the word itself is pronounced, our entire team communicates in these animated images that help punctuate the hustle and bustle of our work days.

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