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how much screen time is healthy for a teenager

How Much Screen Time Is Healthy For A Teenager?

by | May 22, 2017 | Kids and Technology

How much screen time is healthy for a teenager? It’s the question parents ask themselves constantly as they mentor their kids about the appropriate use of technology and social media. Every family’s decision around how much screen time is too much will vary, but key components are the same – all successful screen time management initiatives set clear expectations and establish consequences for failing to follow the family rules.

The best way to embark on that journey with your family is to set up a technology contract, and then use a screen time management program like Bark’s to help support those efforts. To help you navigate the ins and outs of screen time management, we’ve also put together this helpful list of resources. Check them all out, and then open a conversation with your child about digital safety.

How Much Screen Time Is Healthy For Teenagers: What The Experts Say

screen time

screen time

screen addiction

Setting healthy limits around when and how kids can use their devices has become an important aspect of parenting in the digital age. Bark always encourages parents and kids to work together to agree on acceptable use policies that will help them stay safe both online and in real life.

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