What’s your child’s risk for

With today’s technology, kids face challenges and dangers that our generation couldn’t even imagine. Often the only signs of trouble are hidden deep within a child’s phone as they text, comment, and chat about their feelings with friends.

Answer the following four questions to see real-world stats from Bark and learn just how often these issues happen in today’s digital age — and what it means for your child.

How old is your child?

How likely do you think your child is to experience cyberbullying?


According to Bark data, 62.2% of tweens 70.5% of teens experienced
cyberbullying (as a bully, victim, or witness)

How likely do you think your child is to encounter sexting/sexual content?


In 2018 alone, Bark found that 55.9% of tweens 72.1% of teens encountered
nudity or content of a sexual nature

How likely do you think your child is to experience thoughts of suicide, self-harm, and/or depression?


Bark data has shown that 31.9% of tweens 45.8% of teens engaged in
conversations about depression and/or anxiety

How likely do you think your child is to encounter drugs/alcohol?


59.6% of tweens 75.8% of teens engaged in
conversations surrounding illegal drugs/alcohol
, according to an analysis by Bark

Many times, parents have no idea there’s a problem until a Bark alert brings it to their attention.


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In this video, a Bark Mom shares how our service has sparked important conversations about difficult topics with her two boys, helping to keep her family safe online and in real life. Click here to read more real testimonies from Bark parents.

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“At this point, I like the fact my son is allowed to have privacy. I don’t want to be a helicopter parent, but the internet is uncharted territory for this generation of parents. I want to give him space to grow, but also know if there is an issue. So far, the alerts I have received have spurred some really great conversations on topics like cyberbullying and depression in teens. He’s fine, but some of his peers are struggling. This helps me guide him in making good choices.”
— Shane

“Bark has been amazing. My daughter has a friend who is being bullied badly in school. This friend was told to kill herself, but she confided in my daughter via text, also pleading that my daughter not tell anyone how bad things were. Well, of course, I got the alert and called the other mom right away. I can’t say for sure that Bark is the reason this little girl is still with us, but I’m so grateful for this service.”
— Angee

Bark will alert you when your child has encountered problematic content online.