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Ginny & Georgia: A TV Show Review For Parents

Updated August 30, 2023


Overall Rating: ⭐ 1.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 16

**This review was updated on August 30, 2023.**

Ginny & Georgia made quite the splash when it first came to Netflix in 2021 and, like most popular drama shows, it had a polarizing effect. You probably heard some people say they loved it and others who couldn’t stand how crude and raunchy it was. You also probably heard it compared to Gilmore Girls, as both feature a mother-daughter duo with enough wit and drama to keep the audience entertained. But Ginny & Georgia takes the maturity level up a notch, to the point where we’d recommend parents think twice before letting their kid watch it. 

But you probably want to decide for yourself, so this review will go over all the content you can expect to find in the episodes of Ginny & Georgia. And to start, a quick plot overview:

A young mom named Georgia and her teenage daughter Ginny move to a new town after Georgia’s husband dies in a car accident. Within the first week, both Georgia and Ginny find themselves in some drama. Georgia solicits weed from the teenage boy across the street and sets her sights on the mayor as her next lover. And Ginny loses her virginity and smokes pot for the first time with her new friends. She is also seen dealing with self-harm to cope with her circumstances. All the while, the show does frequent flashbacks to Georgia’s past, where the audience sees her commit some serious crimes. This includes the murder of her ex-husband. 

Harmful Content ❗️


Just from a quick plot recap, it’s easy to see this show hits on some adult themes right away. But sometimes when the main character is a teenager, it’s also easy to assume it’s safe for teenagers to watch as well. While topics like drugs, self-harm, and toxic relationships should be discussed with teens, this show might not have the desired effect. It could encourage inappropriate or dangerous behavior instead of warning against them. 



This show is no stranger to adult language. Almost all of the characters frequently use words such as “s**t,” “a**hole,” and “d**k.” 


Sexual Content

Sex is a huge theme in the show. They do not shy away from explicit references and depictions (though there’s no nudity at any point). In the first episode, one scene shows Ginny having her first sexual experience with a boy. Another scene shows her mother using a vibrator. Additionally, the dialogue constantly circles around sex, as Georgia seems to bring it up with Ginny a lot.



Ginny & Georgia does not have a significant amount of violence, however, there are scenes of fighting and physical abuse. This is mostly from a flashback in which Georgia was hit by her father. In addition, part of the plot includes murder, in which Georgia kills her ex-husband. She is seen poisoning his smoothie, giving him a heart attack, and causing him to die in a car accident. 

Positive Value 💫


As mentioned before, some of the topics in this show are necessary and beneficial conversations to have with your child, such as substance use, sexual curiosity, and mental health struggles like self-harm. If you allow them to watch it, we’d suggest watching it with them and taking extra time to ask them their thoughts. Such as, “Have you ever been peer pressured into anything like that?” or “What would you do in that situation?” 

These conversations can be healthy and positive experiences for both you and your child. But again, the show itself could leave the wrong impression. 

So, should my kid watch it?

No, Bark does not recommend allowing kids to watch this. With such adult themes, it’s better to wait until they’re older or until you’re absolutely sure they can handle it.