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MrBeast: A YouTube Review For Parents

Updated July 5, 2023


Overall Rating: ⭐ 4.0 / 5

Recommended Age: 8

Since the launch of YouTube in 2005, we’ve learned a lot about what people are willing to watch over and over again. One type of video that seems to always go viral is when a rich YouTuber gives away a lot of money for silly reasons. And by a lot, we mean a lot. Hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars toward challenges, stunts, and pranks — and they get just as many views. 

This is essentially the claim to fame for YouTuber MrBeast. Currently, he’s the most subscribed creator on the entire YouTube platform. He started making gaming videos in 2012 and it took a few years before his channel really took off. 

Around 2015 he started making videos where he’d convince a sponsor to give him $10,000 so he could give it to a homeless man or an Uber driver or another random person. Amazingly, it worked, and he was able to do this again and again until his channel grew exponentially to the 164 million subscribers he has today! Most recently, he made a video where he recreated Squid Game (a popular Netflix show) and gave away $456,000 to the winner.

Now that you’re caught up on what MrBeast is all about, let’s get into some specifics. We’re going to go over content such as language, sex, violence, and positive value.

Harmful Content ❗️


Parents will appreciate that MrBeast is actually a really wholesome channel. Almost all of the videos are either random challenges (like putting 100 million Orbeez in his friend’s backyard) or MrBeast giving away money to strangers on the street with some kind of twist attached. For example, he’ll go to a Costco and put a giant red triangle on the floor. Then, he’ll pick a random shopper in the store and tell them they can put whatever they want in the triangle. If it all fits inside the lines, then MrBeast will personally buy it all for the shopper. Often, people will put upwards of $3,000 worth of merchandise into the triangle. 



MrBeast keeps it pretty clean and you’ll almost never catch him using adult language in his videos. If someone else does, it’ll be bleeped out. 



Besides the occasional sexual innuendo, there really isn’t any sexual content in MrBeast’s videos. 



This channel is not considered violent or intense in any way.

Positive Value 💫


On the surface, MrBeast may seem like just another YouTuber with wacky videos. But he’s gone to great lengths to make sure his fame and fortune are put to worthy use. In almost every video, he is giving away something to someone. He’s said in multiple interviews that the ability to make other people happy is what makes him most happy. 

Besides his YouTube videos, MrBeast is a full-on philanthropist with many non-profits under his name. He has #TeamTrees and #TeamSeas to help the environment and he has a food bank to feed the hungry in communities around the world. 

A lot of the popular channels on YouTube have some kind of content that’s not appropriate for kids. But somehow, MrBeast managed to be one of the most popular channels by being generous with his money, family-friendly for the kids that make up most of his audience, and a positive influence on every person that watches.

So, should my kid watch it?

Yes, MrBeast is a great channel that both kids and parents can enjoy together!