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Introducing Barkomatic: Your Go-To Guide for Parental Controls

The Bark team is proud to announce the launch of the Barkomatic! This is an ...

February 27, 2019

How to put restrictions on iPhone header image with cell phone featuring Bark logo

How to Restrict Apps on iPhone Devices for Kids

Whether your child inherited one of your pre-loved iPhones or has the latest release with ...

April 30, 2021

Kids phone illustration with pull-down screen

Your Child’s First Phone: Tips and Tools That Every Parent Needs

**This blog post was updated on September 7, 2023.** Whether you’ve been waiting for an ...

December 19, 2019

Combat Child Predators — Here Are 8 Ways You Can Help

**This blog post was updated on April 21, 2021.** Child predators are harming kids at ...

December 17, 2019

kids online safety

Technology And Children: How to Help Keep Them Safe Online

Technology and children — the two seem to go hand in hand these days, and learning ...

August 16, 2019