8 More Throwbacks That Are Better Than Their Replacements

Haley Zapal | September 05, 2019 | Culture & Media

No matter how much technology changes, there will always be some universal constants — things like bike riding in the summer, fighting bedtime to stay up just a little bit later, and asking your parents a million questions. Kids today have all of that and more — they're the first generation to grow up with smartphones, the internet, and social media.

You may not realize it at first, but many of the things they have today had humble origins in our own upbringing. In this post, we take a look at 8 more memorable throwbacks and compare them to their modern-day counterparts. Sit back, buckle up, and prepare to take a ride through some heavy nostalgia.

Trapper Keepers — The Original Google Drive 

Back before Google Docs and PowerPoint, these binders were how we kept up with homework, book reports, and hundreds of sheets of wrinkled notebook paper.

And sure, today’s kids can create unlimited digital files and share them instantly but do they have sweet Lisa Frank designs?

Ecto Cooler — The Original $9 Green Juice

Easier to drink than a Capri Sun and less goofy than a Squeezeit, Ecto Cooler was the original kid-focused marketing ploy — and we loved it in all of its neon green, corn syrupy goodness.

Mixtapes — The Original Spotify

The original mixtapes involved cassettes, handwritten labels, a desire to impress your crush, and the patience to wait for the perfect songs to come on the radio. Out of your hands was whether or not the DJ would talk over the last 10 seconds on the song. Spoiler alert: they always did.

View-Masters — The Original Instagram

Kids today may have HD cameras in their pockets, but View-Masters displayed images in 3D and (even better!) never had to be charged. Polaroid cameras are coming back now, but we all know that View-Masters reign supreme.

Garfield — The Original Grumpy Cat

Before Grumpy Cat took the internet by storm and became a meme, America loved a misanthropic orange tabby named Garfield, most famous for pushing unsuspecting dogs off tables and lamenting Mondays.

Paper Fortune Tellers — The Original ASKfm 

For answers to the really pressing questions, we couldn’t turn to anonymous posting apps like ASKfm. Instead, we relied on the oracle-like wisdom of paper fortune tellers during study hall. After a few quick folds, they would magically reveal who really had a crush on us — or what our future career might be.

Can Phones — The Original Cell Phone

Breaker breaker! Remember these? You had to pull ‘em tight and that yarn always snapped, but we’d take a tin can convo over answering an unexpected call any day! (Blocked number? Not a chance).

Wall Grafitti — The Original Twitter

Shouting into the void may happen today in 280 characters or less, but in the past, the boys' bathroom was the exclusive province of trolls and snarky one-liners.


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