Bark Behind the Scenes in 2019

The Bark Team | January 03, 2020 | Child & Teen Depression Company News Culture & Media

Was your 2019 full of cookies, sunny days outside, and sweet memories with your kids? All the little behind-the-scenes moments from the past year might be the ones you treasure most. At Bark, our team has had some pretty great (and even a little silly) milestones of our own. From the office foliage we’ve acquired to the silly dad jokes we’ve told, we’ve counted up some of our favorite memories from Bark’s year in 2019.

4: Stand-up comedy sets performed by Bark employees

Four brave comedians climbed onstage to see if our funnybones were working. No problems there, but everyone’s sides were in stitches!

81: Word puzzles at the end of our team meetings

At the end of every meeting, we try to solve a tricky word puzzle concocted by one of our engineers. For the most part, we succeeded — but sometimes we were out-smarted.

0: Escape rooms that have contained Bark employees

From volcanic islands to haunted mansions, our team managed to break out of every escape room we encountered. We’re thinking about maybe moving on to some heists!

21: New full-time employees added

Another year and Bark has grown by leaps and bounds. We’re grateful to all of our new colleagues, and we can’t wait to meet more of them this year!

12: Succulents in the office

Some are prickly, some are soft, but nothing adds ambiance (and oxygen!) like these little green bundles of cactus-y goodness.

2,074: Hours of Spotify listened to while answering customer emails

Whistle while you work? Who needs that when there’s an endless number of Spotify playlists to put us in the groove? Little known fact: We’ve got some sax-forward eighties playlists that make the workweek more fun.

1: Bark employee that became a Jeopardy! champion

You read that right. One of our copywriters achieved the pinnacle of brainy showmanship by crushing it on Jeopardy! It may be a game of trivia, but this victory was far from trivial.

42: Dad jokes the Bark team traded at the Dad 2.0 conference

Bark sent a team down to San Antonio to hang with the coolest dads around. There we debuted our much-beloved Ye Olde Teenspeake guides to modern slang — and lots of retro-inspired technology throwbacks!

3: Employees named Brian

By far the most common name on the team, the brain power of the Brians is responsible for much of our success. One of them is even our CEO. Coincidence? You decide!


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