School’s Out for the Summer!

Haley Zapal | May 03, 2019 | Internet Safety Tips Parenting Tips

**Please note: This post was updated on May 24, 2023.**

It’s that time of year again — a hard-earned, warm weather break for students across the country. For many kids, more free time equals more screen time — but it doesn’t have to. Here at Bark, we know the transition from school days to dog days can be stressful, so we put together a list of tech tips and additional resources below to help you navigate summers with screens.

Milestones vs. Maturity: When Kids Get Their First Smartphones

Every family is different, and the decision to give your child their first smartphone will depend on many different factors. Check out this blog post to learn the benefits of two approaches: waiting to give your kid a phone based on a milestone like graduation versus when the time is right for your specific child.

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Is Your Teen or Tween at Risk for Online Dangers?

It can be hard to picture how real online dangers are until you're faced with the numbers. In our annual report, we broke down just how prominent these issues are to help spread awareness. Click below to see the data.

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Create A Technology Contract With Your Family

A technology contract is a great way for your family to collaborate on rules for using devices and accessing the internet. It can help make sure the whole family is on the same page about how to get the most out of technology, and — most importantly — how to stay safer online.

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Parenting In A Tech World — Our Facebook Group for Parents

Parenting in a Tech World helps parents navigate the ever-changing landscape of raising kids in a digital world. This community provides a much-needed space for parents to support each other, get the scoop on cool apps, latest trends, and all things tech related.

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We hope these resources help make the transition to summer smooth sailing for your family and help to keep your kids safe online. We also recommend monitoring their devices so you can get alerts when potentially dangerous situations arise.

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