Is Digital Detoxing a Myth?

The Bark Team | January 31, 2023 | Digital Wellbeing Mental Health Screen Time

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Have you started to feel like your family is a little too dependent on technology? Have you found it difficult to get your kid off their iPad after school? Well, these frustrations are actually quite normal for many families. It seems the more we use our technology, the more we get the urge to throw it all out the window and get back to basics. 

That’s why many parents are finding a digital detox to be an appealing solution. It's a way to push back against the draining habits of tech and form better rhythms for the whole family. A digital detox presents many benefits for children, from improved communication to increased creativity. In this article, we'll discuss what digital detoxing is, if it’s a myth, and how how to help your kid.

What Is Digital Detoxing?

Digital detoxing is exactly what it sounds like — taking a break from tech and digital devices. Tons of people have realized the benefit of unplugging, even if only for short periods of time. Digital detoxing can involve anything from simply putting away your phone while at dinner to going on a full-fledged tech vacation.

By disconnecting, we're able to reevaluate our relationship with technology and take stock of how it affects us in our daily lives.

Disconnecting From the Digital World Improves Communication

An obvious benefit of a digital detox is that it improves kids’ communication. The more kids have face-to-face interactions, the better their communication will be. For one, they’ll be better at picking up nonverbal cues and body language, which is something that can get easily lost in texts. Less screen time will help them focus on the moment, as opposed to being distracted by notifications.

Overall, having your kids take the occasional break from technology can go a long way in strengthening their relationships. They’ll even gain a deeper understanding of people.

Digital Detoxing Boosts Creativity

Sometimes technology can serve as a crutch to creativity, giving us shortcuts to a solution we would’ve otherwise had to come up with ourselves. So when kids are left to their own devices, it gives them the opportunity to stretch their creative thinking skills.

Unplugging gives kids space to use their minds and find clarity in whatever they’re focusing on. This could be a school project, piano practice, or inventing a new game with their friends. Kids can create truly unique and meaningful things when they have the ability to use their big imaginations! 

Disconnecting for even just a few minutes each day can help reduce stress levels which in turn can lead to clearer thinking. This is an essential part of being creative. 

Ultimately, digital detoxing gives children the space needed for those “aha” moments that often come from nowhere but are much needed when trying out new ideas.

Unplugging Improves Productivity Levels

Taking a break from technology can be an excellent way to boost productivity levels. When kids can disconnect, it allows them to focus on tasks without any distraction.

One way to do this is taking short breaks throughout the day. It’s been known to increase energy levels and allows for greater creativity when tackling different projects. Just think about your kid’s school work — they could find it easier to get assignments done and maybe even get ahead of the game! 

Overall, unplugging from technology – even if only occasionally – has many benefits for both kids and parents. You’ll notice you and your children have improved communication skills and creativity. One huge advantage is the ability to improve our productivity levels in both school/work settings.

Keep in mind that unplugging doesn’t need to mean completely cutting children off from technology either; rather, simply making an effort every now and then will still give them those much-needed boosts in efficiency and creativity.

Signs Your Kids Need A Digital Detox

For kids who experience interruptions in their daily life because of their devices, a digital detox could be a healthy practice to consider!

Think your children might need to disconnect? Check out these sure-fire signs they could benefit from less screen time:

●  Not getting much school work done

●  Irritation or frustration

●  Feeling insecure

●  Constantly checking notifications

●  Depression

●  Behavioral issues

●  Losing sleep

Tips for Success with a Digital Detox

For kids who are used to spending hours a day on their screens, having success with a digital detox can be difficult at first. But it's not impossible! The key is to start small and build up.

Start by picking just one hour each day here your entire family completely disconnects. Use this time to focus on something else, such as reading, exercising, or spending quality time with each other. This will help you get into the habit of unplugging while also giving you the chance to relax without a screen. 

Be sure to plan ahead when it comes to activities so that you don’t find yourself tempted by digital devices. This could mean grabbing a book before heading out on a walk or finding a fun game to play before spending quality time with your family. 

It’s also important to have realistic expectations when it comes to going device-free. Try your best not to be plugged in more than necessary! It may take longer than expected to truly feel free from our screens, but staying consistent will make it easier to resist those temptations. Ultimately having success with a digital detox means taking things slow.

Is Frequent Use of Technology Really a Problem?

The answer isn’t black and white, it turns out. While there are definitely some potential dangers associated with spending too much time on devices, for many kids, tech is still important. It all comes down to moderation. If they use tech responsibly, then they should be able to enjoy its benefits without putting them at risk!

Overall, it’s important to remember that too much of a good thing can become problematic. So when it comes to screen time, try your best to maintain a balance between letting your kids use devices and taking regular breaks away from screens. Of course, it’s not easy to maintain this balance. You’ll have days where you mess up and revert to old habits. But it’s important to do the best you can so your kids can still enjoy the benefits of technology.

How Bark Can Help

The key takeaway is that digital detoxing doesn’t have to be a last-ditch effort when screen time gets way too out of hand. It can be helpful no matter what your current tech habits are. Whether your family decides to execute a full digital detox or simply fast from the internet a few nights a week, there is no denying the perks associated with unplugging!

If you want to reduce your children’s screen time, consider Bark. You can create custom screen time schedules, block websites & apps, and more to help sett healthy boundaries.

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