Best Family TikToks: Top 10 Kid-Friendly Accounts

Haley Zapal | September 04, 2020 | Kids and Technology Parenting Tips

Kid looking at the best family tiktoks

Is TikTok good for kids? It depends on what you mean by “good.” Much of the content is innocuous and monitored to protect audiences of all ages. Odds are, if you have a teen or tween, they’re really into TikTok and all of its dancing, pranking, stunts, and lipsyncing. And while there are potentially inappropriate videos for them to stumble upon, there’s also a lot of really entertaining, educational, and wholesome content, too — kind of like the entire internet! Fortunately, kid-friendly TikTok accounts exist to help put your question, “is TikTok good for kids?” to rest!

TikTok is super important for this younger generation, and the company has rolled out some hefty security measures for kids, like banning DMs for those under 16. So, if your kids are going to be on TikTok under your supervision (did you know Bark monitors TikTok on connected Android and Amazon devices?), they may as well follow some awesome accounts! Here are 10 of our favorite kid-friendly TikTok accounts, including some you may even get a kick out of, too. 

1. @iammoshow

Meet Moshow, the cat rapper! Originally famous for his Instagram videos featuring positive, cat-themed lyrics, he’s made the jump to TikTok. It’s not all just cats, though  — Moshow also loves Harry Potter, and he has made one of the best family TikToks on the platform.

2. @espn

If your kid’s into sports, ESPN’s TikTok is the place to be, featuring not only the typical sports highlights but also incredible viral videos of fans, extreme stunts, and candid celebrity moments. This makes ESPN’s TikToks one of the best family TikToks on the platform!


They were FLYING. 🤯 (via @tjthehighflyer)

♬ original sound - ESPN

3. @mythical

Say goodbye to boring cooking videos! Mythical Kitchen will have your kids asking for all kinds of ingredients to make out-of-this-world recipes like Pop-Tart lasagna, ramen grilled cheese, and more. 


while you were merely eating the pop tarts, we were studying them, learning. now we use that knowledge to do something pretty dumb, honestly #fyp

♬ original sound - Mythical Kitchen

4. @jiffpom

There may not be a cuter (or more popular) dog on the internet than Jiff the Pomeranian. Over 20 million people on TikTok follow him and his adorable adventures, and he’s even been nominated for a People's Choice Award for favorite animal star.

5. @hamiltonmusical

Is Hamilton always playing on Disney+ on a loop in your house? Check out the official TikTok account for this Tony Award-winning musical to catch behind-the-scenes action, funny goofs, song covers, and more. 

6. @daniel.labelle 

Daniel Labelle is an incredible athlete who makes hilarious sports-themed videos — from acting out the various types of runners to the different ways people of all ages kick a soccer ball. 

7. @zachv_pat

This heartwarming account follows two brothers, one of whom has Down syndrome, as they navigate life and all of its ups and downs together. 

8. @slime

Kids love slime — all parents know this intimately. If you just cleaned up a huge mess in your living room and don’t want to break out the slime again any time soon, this TikTok account will probably manage to tide your kids over.


what’s your favorite cereal? 😍🥣 #cereal #glitterslime #butterslime #snowslime via: slime_og

♬ original sound - slime

9. @fortnite

If your kids play Fortnite, they now have a whole new way to revel in this battle royale world. Young people will love learning all of the latest new dance moves and choreography with the official Fortnite TikTok account. This account is one of the best family TikToks for your kids if they play Fortnite!


You called? We’re now on TikTok 😏

♬ September - Earth, Wind & Fire

10. @nasablueberry1

Alyssa Carson loves space, and it definitely shows. Her account features cool outer space trivia, fun astronaut history, and even answers to very important questions like “How do you actually go to the bathroom in space?”

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