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Here’s the Best Android Parental Control App for Parents

Allison Scovell  |  March 13, 2024

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Many parents have realized that making an Android phone — or any smartphone — safer for kids isn’t always easy. Whether you're trying to manage screen time or keep tabs on potentially inappropriate messages, it can be a complicated and ongoing task for parents to add to their already long list of responsibilities. 

But with the Bark app, it’s different. We offer parents the best Android parental control app that’ll give you peace of mind when it’s time for your child to have a phone. Parents can scan for concerning content, block distracting or inappropriate sites and apps, and seamlessly track location — all in one app! 

Get the Best Android Parental Controls with Bark

When parents use Bark, they don’t have to spend time digging through their kid’s phone looking for dangers. Most parents don’t have the time or energy for this, and kids don’t like the idea of their parents seeing all of their messages. So instead, Bark scans the kid’s phone using AI technology to look for contextual signs that something may be off or need adult help — things like bullying, predation, sexual content, suicide/self-harm content, and much more. If something is detected, an alert is sent straight to your phone.

These alerts are great for giving parents insight into their child’s online world. But it’s not all Bark can do! Bark also offers comprehensive and reliable web filtering to help you manage what your child has access to and when. More distracting sites, like games and social media, can be put on a schedule so that they’re blocked or allowed exactly when needed. And Bark’s location tracking can ensure you know where your child is while they’re exploring the world offline. 

So why is Bark the best parental control app for an Android? Because with one app, you get all the controls you need to support your child in their online journey. And the cherry on top? Any alert you may receive from Bark also comes with advice from real child experts so you know how to best handle the situation. Bark doesn’t want to just help you protect your child, we also want to help you build a strong, trusting relationship with them. 

What Bark Monitors on Android Phones for Kids

Bark can monitor over 30+ platforms, but here are just a few of the popular apps that Bark can scan and send you alerts for:

  • Snapchat 
  • Instagram 
  • Roblox
  • Discord 
  • TikTok
  • YouTube 
  • WhatsApp
  • X
  • Spotify 
  • Kik
  • Google Drive 
  • GroupMe

Want to learn more about why Bark is the best parental control app for Android? Check out our full list of platforms and learn more about what content we monitor on each. 

The Bark Phone: The Best Android Phone For Kids

The only thing that could make Bark an even better Android parental control app is if it came with the phone itself — so that’s why we made the Bark Phone! We took a Samsung A series and gave it an unmatched level of security by building our parental controls directly into the phone. It’s the only Android phone for kids that actually gives parents the peace of mind they need when it comes to their child’s safety. 

The best part about building our phone is that we get to decide on certain device settings that with just the app, we don’t have much control over. And we made sure that every step of the way was guided by parents like you. We spent years listening to what parents wanted in a safer smartphone and we put all that feedback into the Bark Phone. Features such as requiring parent permission to delete text messages and our robust location tracking came from what we know both parents and kids need in this online world. 

Not an Android User? No Problem!

Generally speaking, we recommend Androids for parents who are looking to get the most out of parental control for their kid’s phone. Parental controls for Android devices are more friendly to third-party apps like Bark, which allows us more capabilities with their software. Apple, on the other hand, highly prioritizes user privacy. This is great for adults — but not for kids. Parents often have a harder time monitoring content and keeping Apple Screentime locked down from common loopholes that kids find.

But if you happen to be an Apple user, no reason to stress! The Bark app is available for iOS devices as well. Tons of Apple families have found Bark to be an invaluable tool in their digital parenting kit. You get the same robust context monitoring, screen time controls, and location tracking. 

Try Bark for Free Today

If you’re ready to try the best parental controls for Android for your child, you can sign up for our free, 7-day trial today! We believe Bark will be a great fit for your family, but we’d love for you to see for yourself at no cost. When you see how great it is, you can continue to use Bark’s powerful tools for just $14/month. 

Bark helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

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