Parental Controls

mother and son with illustrations around them

Top 5 Most Common Misconceptions About Parental Controls

If you’ve ever gone to Google to ask “How can I block websites on my ...

July 20, 2023

cartoon web browser with X's

How to Block PornHub and Other Porn Sites

According to our 2022 Annual Report, 62.4% of tweens and 82.2% of teens have encountered ...

February 06, 2023

Illegal streaming sites header image of boy in front of computer in dark room

The Illegal Streaming Sites Your Child May Be Using

Remember when Netflix was just a couple of DVDs that came in the mail? It ...

July 08, 2022

Instagram slang header image

Understanding Instagram Slang, Hashtags, and Abbreviations In 2023 

**Note: This list was updated on January 31, 2023.** Social media platforms are hard enough ...

May 23, 2022

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