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9 Reasons Bark is Great for iOS Families

Haley Zapal  |  November 22, 2019

**This blog post was updated December 19, 2023.**

If you’ve started looking into monitoring your child’s iOS device with Bark, you may have noticed that Apple products have certain limitations when it comes to monitoring. As of right now, no third-party apps on the market are allowed to monitor all of the activities on Snapchat, Instagram, or TikTok on iOS devices because of Apple’s terms of service. But that doesn’t mean that monitoring your child’s accounts for potential issues isn’t important.

While it’s true that Androids are easier for us to monitor, there are still plenty of reasons that Bark is a smart choice for you and your kids — even if you’re a dedicated Apple family! Check out these parent-tested reasons below that show how Bark helps keep your child safe online and in real life, no matter what devices they use.

1. Bark monitors more platforms than anyone on the market, and we’re constantly adding to the list.

The hottest apps are always in flux, and what’s popular one day with kids may be out of fashion the next. The Bark Team is always keeping up with tween and teen culture. When we find that a new app is gaining traction, we add it to our monitoring list. Right now we monitor more than 30 of the most popular platforms and apps for iOS devices, from Spotify and Gmail to Kik and Twitter.

Some families might worry that Apple’s backup features slow down alerts from Bark. But this only affects activities at the device level. The majority of platforms — including social media — are scanned at the account level. Bark monitors these platforms regardless of when or where your child logs in, whether it’s a friend's phone or a home computer.

You can get more peace of mind with the Bark Home, which lets you monitor your child's texts and saved photos & videos without needing a home computer!

Parent Testimonial:
“As a parent, I am super pleased with what Bark covers and how it reports to me. I do wish that Apple and iPhones allowed monitoring on everything, but what is monitored is great. This is an A+ app for parents!”

2. Android parents can still use Bark if their kids have iPhones.

Managing a Bark account as a parent is separate from the monitoring we do for your child’s connected accounts. So if you’re using an Android phone, you can still use the Bark parent app from the Google Play Store to manage your child’s profile, even if they’re using an iPhone. Plus, you can remotely control your child’s screen time even if you’re using different types of devices!

3. If your child creates new or additional accounts, Bark will let you know.

It’s important to know what your child is getting into online so you can help keep them safe, and we understand that they may not always tell you about which corners of the internet they frequent. With Bark, you can see what apps your child has downloaded to their phone. We’re also able to pick up on welcome emails and confirmation texts from new social media platforms they may have signed up for without telling you. This will help you have a better understanding of your child’s online life.

4. Our screen time and web filtering features let you manage your kid’s activities all in one place.

You might already be familiar with Apple’s Screen Time feature, but there’s a huge benefit to managing everything from tech time limits to inappropriate websites all in one spot — and you can do that through your Bark dashboard. Our monitoring, web filtering, and screen time features all work together to provide comprehensive support and coverage for all the ways your kid’s technology use might affect them. From scheduling digital downtime in order to support their mental health to preventing your child from stumbling across sexual content, we’re here to empower you to help keep them safe by providing multiple layers of protection.

Parent Testimonial:
“Bark has been a great tool in keeping me informed. It even lets me know when my child had decreased activity and warned me that she may have opened a new account without my knowledge.”

5. Bark monitors more than just text. We also analyze emojis, images, and videos for potentially concerning content.

Kids communicate in countless ways online, from emails and texts to social media captions and direct messages. Much of Generation Z’s daily communications take place beyond simple words and sentences. Teens and tweens rely heavily on emojis, memes, photos, and GIFs to express themselves, and Bark’s technology can analyze those for potential issues and alert you if something potentially concerning arises.

Parent Testimonial:
“Definitely worth the time and effort to make it work with our Apple products. You can’t put a price on peace of mind!”

It seems like every few months there’s a new online trend that has kids performing and recording all sorts of stunts for social media. Some are fun, like the Kiki Challenge — but some are dangerous, like the Tide Pod Challenge and the Momo Challenge. Bark’s algorithm keeps up with these trends and monitors for discussions around the latest stunts, helping you to intervene before your child does something that might hurt them.

7. Bark can give you insight into serious issues you may not even know exist.

Parents often write in to tell us that Bark alerts informed them about issues in their kid’s life they had no idea they were struggling with. Kids often pour out their hearts to their friends in online communications, hiding the signs of depression or anxiety from their parents. Alerts from Bark can give you insight into what’s really going on in their lives.

Parent Testimonial:
“Thank you very much for checking in. The Bark app has been great for keeping tabs on our daughter's struggles. She is currently getting weekly therapy with a licensed psychologist to work through her issues. The school administration is also working with us on various bullying issues. We'd be really in the dark without Bark.”

8. Bark helps prompt important conversations with kids about difficult topics.

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to have a serious discussion about digital safety with your kid, you might not ever have a chance. When you get Bark, alerts to potential issues can provide the perfect opportunity to talk through what your child might be going through, whether it’s cyberbullying, depression, or suicidal ideation. You’ll also get helpful advice and recommended actions from experts to help your family handle each issue.

Parent Testimonial:
“We used OurPact Jr. prior to switching to Bark, and it has been the best decision. Your app has captured so much information that has helped us in having productive conversations with our teenagers.”

9. Our world-class support team always has your back.

A tech company is only as successful as its customer support team, and at Bark, we have the very best. Our Family Online Safety Specialists complete a rigorous Customer Support Masterclass on the intricacies of our products that trains them to connect you with all the information you need. They also earn a fully accredited professional child psychology diploma that focuses on empathy and communication. Regardless of what issues you run into with Bark, our support team can help you tackle them.

We know it’s frustrating that Apple makes it more challenging to monitor online activities, but we still help parents and guardians keep their kids safe online — no matter what operating systems they use.

Bark helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

mother and daughter discussing Bark Parental Controls