Cable Provider’s Parental Controls

The Bark Team | April 20, 2018 | Internet Safety Tips

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Did you know that you may have some options for parental control through your cable provider? Depending on who your provider is, there are several simple options to help you control and monitor your children. While there are many different providers for cable TV and internet services, the basic parental controls for each are quite similar. Whether you have Comcast (Xfinity), AT&T (U-verse), or Time Warner (Spectrum), there are a number of things you can set up to safeguard your kids. Put your cable provider's parental controls to good use today.

Content Control

The parental controls within the television set-up options allow parents to restrict programs for kids. Parents can choose select ratings levels from being viewed without a parental passcode. The passcode allows you to override the control, but keeps little ones from watching something inappropriate based on the ratings. Restrictions can be set based on TV or Movie ratings or specific shows or series can be blocked. Make sure to use a passcode that your kids do not know.

Restricting the Guide

You can further restrict programs and block from even appearing in your onscreen guide at all. Kids will only see the programs that you allow them to see. Furthermore, there are options that allow you to completely block certain channels from appearing in your onscreen guide. Again, your parental passcode will still allow you to easily override, so make sure to keep that confidential.

WiFi Control

Xfinity by Comcast offers an app called xFi, which gives its customers total control over their WiFi. The xFi app allows you to see every device connected to the WiFi, and assign each of those devices to a particular person. For example, you can assign your phone and tablet to your profile, and your child's phone and tablet to their profile. Once a device is assigned to a profile, you then have the option to temporarily pause the WiFi to any device or an entire profile at any time. You can also set times when you want WiFi to automatically be paused for a device or a profile, such as at bedtime.

Spectrum by Time Warner and U-verse by AT&T do not appear to offer quite as much specific WiFi control, but both do allow you to set time limits and some content control for internet browsing through their Internet Security Suites.

Keeping your kids safe these days can feel overwhelming. The news is full of cyberbullying incidents, online sexual predators, and hidden vault apps where kids are storing nudes. There is a lot to monitor and keep up with. In tandem with Bark, the parental controls provided by your cable company can help make it much easier for you stay on top of what your kids are watching and doing online.

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