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November 22, 2023

Must-Read Books That Teens Will Actually Enjoy

No matter how inundated we are with social media, video games, and TV shows, nothing ...

Everything You Need to Know About Bark’s Content Monitoring

The term “monitoring” gets thrown around a lot these days when it comes to online ...

November 20, 2023

5 Things Every Parent Needs to Hear About Porn

Odds are, your parents probably didn’t have the porn talk with you when you were ...

November 17, 2023

bark phone with confetti around it

Celebrating a Year with the Bark Phone

It’s been a year since we launched the Bark Phone, and we’ve had quite a ...

November 16, 2023

LED lights, backpack, water bottle, game, blanket, painting

Best Gifts for Teens That Don’t Have a Screen: 2023 Non-tech Gift Guide

If you ask your teen what they want for their birthday or the holiday season, ...

November 15, 2023

Ask Titania: How Do I Walk Back My Kid’s Tech Use?

Dear Titania, I recently decided to give my 11-year-old son an iPhone. It’s his first ...

November 12, 2023

Bark helps families manage and protect their children’s digital lives.

mother and daughter discussing Bark Parental Controls

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young girl with lots of illustrated thought bubbles around her

Recognizing the Signs of Anxiety in Kids

Kids have always had common childhood worries — big tests, the first day of school, whether ...

October 10, 2023

mom and son playing video games together

How Parents Can Positively Use the Power of Tech

As a parent trying to navigate the dangers and pitfalls of the tech world, you ...

October 04, 2023

Ask Titania: Help! I Feel Like I Failed My Child

Dear Titania, I feel horrible right now. I recently found out that my 13-year-old kid ...

October 02, 2023

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10 Tips for Healthy Video Game Habits

Did you know that more than 90% of American kids play video games? It’s easily ...

September 28, 2023

teen girl gardening

Getting Your Teen Interested in Volunteering: Our Best Tips for Parents

When life gets extra busy with school, work, and after-school activities, it’s easy to forget ...

September 26, 2023

kid doing homework on a laptop

The Impact of Screen Time on Learning

If you’re a parent, odds are you’ve seen and heard hundreds of arguments pointing to ...

September 21, 2023

creepy animated dude on a computer screen

5 Signs an Online Predator Could Be Grooming Your Kid

Stranger danger used to mean talking to your child about creepy people in vans or ...

September 19, 2023

apple logo, number 17, red notification badge

iOS 17: What Parents Need to Know

It’s another September, which means it’s time for another iOS update for all the Apple ...

September 14, 2023

two kids, one athletic and one studious

Introverts and Extroverts: Tips for Helping Support Your Kid

Every child is unique, and as parents, it’s essential to adapt our parenting styles to ...

September 12, 2023

Ask Titania: What Do I need to know about child privacy?

Ask Titania: What Do I Need to Know About Child Privacy?

Dear Titania, Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of pushback online about posting photos of ...

September 11, 2023

magnifying glass

Location Tracking Devices for Kids: What’s the Hype?

Location tracking is one of the many technological advances that’s become a common part of ...

September 07, 2023

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