Why Bark?

The internet safety solution that parents trust and children like, Bark is an easy-to-use, smart tool that parents can use to help protect their children online. Bark alerts parents when it detects potential threats or signs of danger, such as:

Bark is a common-sense tool that can augment a parent's efforts to protect their children online. Parents trust Bark because it uses advanced technologies to alert them to potential online dangers without them reading through all of their child's online activities, preserving their valuable time (and sanity). Children like Bark because they are free to continue their daily digital lives without their parents constantly peering over their shoulders.

Start protecting your children online today.

Traditional tools require parents to monitor every single online action. It's a huge pain for you, and children don't like it.

  • Incredibly time-consuming
  • Unlikely to catch many issues
  • Exposes you to more information than you need to know

There is a better way.

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