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Bark Check-Ins: Keep Track of Your Kids in Real Life

by | May 11, 2017 | Bark App Updates

**This blog post was updated on April 9, 2021.**

Check-Ins are an easy way for families to get peace of mind when their kids are out and about. Rather than sending a “Did you get there?” or “Where are you?” text, you can rely on a GPS-based location confirmation from your children to verify that they’ve safely arrived at their destinations. It can even give you step-by-step directions via Google Maps so you can meet them where they are if necessary.

Why Check-Ins?

There are times when your kids go to the mall, a friend’s house, or out to the park when you want to make sure they’ve arrived safely. With a single click, your child can check in at their location to let you know they’ve arrived safely.

Check-Ins are also a great way to get your child’s location when they need to be picked up. Have your child check in and use Bark’s directions link to calculate the best route to your child.

What Do I Need to Do?

If you are not already, sign up for Bark’s monitoring service. Then download the Bark for Kids companion app on your teen or tween’s device. This feature is available for the Android child app, Bark for Kids, and the iOS child app, Bark Kids.

Watch a quick demo below to find out more!

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