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thumbs up emoji and cell phone illustration - safer phone for kids

Finding a Safer Phone for Kids: Our Top 5 Tips for Parents  

A common struggle among parents today is finding a safer phone for kids. In recent ...

November 02, 2023

Ask Titania: How Do I Make Roblox Safer for My Kid?

Dear Titania, My daughter loves Roblox, but I read this week about how it’s actually ...

October 27, 2023

Father and son facing away from camera

How to Help Protect Your Child From Violent & Disturbing Online Content

Like many families across the world, our team has been shocked, saddened, and scared by ...

October 12, 2023

mom and son playing video games together

How Parents Can Positively Use the Power of Tech

As a parent trying to navigate the dangers and pitfalls of the tech world, you ...

October 04, 2023

young kid with video game controller

10 Tips for Healthy Video Game Habits

Did you know that more than 90% of American kids play video games? It’s easily ...

September 28, 2023

family looking at a computer

How a Family Contract Can Be Beneficial

Contracts play an important role in the professional world. These pieces of paper set expectations, ...

August 24, 2023

Google search bar: Ask Titania: How Do I Get My Kid In Back-to-School Mode After Summer?

Ask Titania: How Do I Get My Kid In Back-to-School Mode After Summer?

Dear Titania,  After a long summer of relaxed rules over video games and screen time, ...

August 11, 2023

Back to school image of teacher and student

What Teachers Want You to Know About Back to School: Off the Record Edition

Ever wish you had the real scoop on what teachers think about back to school? ...

August 03, 2023

illustrated school supplies and smartphone

Should Phones Be Allowed in School?

The classrooms of today are so, so different from the classrooms we grew up in. ...

August 02, 2023

Ask Titania: How do I stop my teen from gaming all night? in a google search box

Ask Titania: How Do I Stop My Teen From Gaming All Night?

Dear Titania, My 13-year-old loves video games — I’d go so far as to say ...

July 28, 2023