Kids and Technology

A laptop with a life preserver hanging off of its corner

Safer Internet Day: How to Talk to Your Kids About Digital Citizenship

Today is Safer Internet Day, and Bark is proud to join people and organizations around ...

February 11, 2020

A text bubble with three emojis inside it

How to Talk About Online Predators With Your Kids

If you’ve read Sloane Ryan’s Medium piece, you were probably shocked and disgusted by the ...

January 28, 2020

A woman is speaking to three smart speakers

Are Smart Speakers Safe for Kids?

“Alexa, play ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish.” “OK Google, tell me a knock-knock joke!” If ...

January 23, 2020

Tech Talk

Positive and Negative Effects of Technology on Children

At Bark, we believe in open, honest communication between kids and parents when it comes ...

July 03, 2019

digital footprint

Your Child’s Social Media Footprint

On Monday, the story of a high school student named Kyle Kashuv, whose acceptance into ...

June 18, 2019

Free Webinar With Protect Young Eyes

Free Webinar With Protect Young Eyes

Bark’s Chief Customer Officer, Ross Paterson, recently co-hosted a webinar with Chris McKenna, founder of ...

April 02, 2019

Technology and Family: 3 Reasons To Embrace Technology

Technology and Family: 3 Reasons To Embrace Technology

It’s easy to blame technology for all of the world’s problems. We like to think ...

March 27, 2019

Contract with pen and stamp

Create A Technology Contract With Your Family

Kids today are growing up in a dizzying world of technology. Even if they’re not ...

August 29, 2018

Teens on their phones

How Much Screen Time Is Healthy For A Teenager?

How much screen time is healthy for a teenager? It’s the question parents ask themselves constantly ...

May 22, 2017

Technology For Kids: 6 Teachable Moments

In a world full of technology for kids where teens, tweens and sometimes even younger ...

October 27, 2016

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