Social Media Monitoring

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Here’s Why Parents Need to Know How To Monitor Snapchat

**This blog post was updated on December 6, 2023.** Snapchat — for many parents, it’s ...

October 26, 2023

10 Takeaways from the Surgeon General’s Advisory on Social Media

Dr. Vivek Murthy, the U.S. surgeon general, has issued an important advisory sounding the alarm ...

May 30, 2023

illustrated life preserver with social media app icons sitting in it

How to Stay Safe on Social Media: 7 Quick Tips

Social media has become an essential part of our daily lives, especially for young people. ...

April 13, 2023

smartphone with a top hat, illustrated emojis around it

A Parent’s Guide to Social Media Etiquette for Kids

Social media has become an ingrained part of modern life. The question these days is ...

April 05, 2023

silhouette of child's head

Self-Harm in Teens & Tweens: What Parents Need to Know

As a parent, your first instinct is to protect your child from all of the ...

March 01, 2023

cartoon kid with illustrated brain, looking sad

A Child’s Brain on Porn: The Dangers and Damages

Gone are the days of Playboy, X-rated movie stores and even the supervision of the ...

January 30, 2023

Instagram scams header image of phone with scam DMs

Instagram Scams Parents Should Warn Their Kids About

Since the beginning of time, people have been trying to scam other people out of ...

December 21, 2022

kids and social media header image: life buoy with icons

Kids and Social Media: Dangers Of Social Media For Youth

There are some conversations that all parents will eventually have to have with their kids ...

November 09, 2022

Illegal streaming sites header image of boy in front of computer in dark room

The Illegal Streaming Sites Your Child May Be Using

Remember when Netflix was just a couple of DVDs that came in the mail? It ...

July 08, 2022

Instagram slang header image

Understanding Instagram Slang, Hashtags, and Abbreviations In 2023 

**Note: This list was updated on January 31, 2023.** Social media platforms are hard enough ...

May 23, 2022

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