Parenting Tips

An illustrated fridge with multicolored magnets and word magnets

What is Consent? Here’s How to Teach Your Kid About Healthy Boundaries

What is consent? This may be something you’ve asked yourself after seeing something in the ...

January 20, 2021

A computer screen with multiple pixelated browser windows

What to Do If Your Kid Is Watching Porn

When we were growing up, kids were limited to watching porn on a videotape, DVD, ...

January 14, 2021

Self care ideas for kids image featuring parent and child

Self Care Ideas for Kids: Help Your Family Unwind and Recharge

**This blog post was updated on December 20, 2021.** Between school, extracurricular activities, hanging out ...

January 05, 2021

A coffee mug and a carafe against a light pink background

Family Traditions: 7 Ideas to Try This Holiday Season

The holidays are a special time for families all across the world. The family traditions ...

December 15, 2020

Various Twitch boxes on a purple background

Video Game Streaming on Twitch: What Parents Need to Know

Kids have been playing video games since the prehistoric days of Atari, and each successive ...

December 08, 2020

A parent and child sitting on a couch eating popcorn together

7 Ways to Teach the Importance of Family During the Holidays

With the holidays approaching, now’s a great time to start thinking about some family bonding ...

November 24, 2020

An emoji person reading an orange book with ominous emojis above their head

What is Wattpad? A Parent’s Guide to the Platform

Content warning: This post discusses potentially triggering issues including sexual content, sexual assault, and incest. ...

November 18, 2020

"Send nudes" in red letters on a black background with a child standing in front of them

Here’s What to Do If Your Kid Is Sending Nudes

What Are Nudes and Could Your Child Be Sharing Them? If you’re new to the ...

November 13, 2020

spooky emojis in a picture frame on a purple background

10 Spooky and Socially Distant Halloween Activities for Kids

Halloween 2020 is primed to be an extra-spooky affair this year! Saturday, October 31 is ...

October 29, 2020

The Parenting in a Tech World book cover with various household objects beside it on a table

Parenting in a Tech World: One of the Best Parenting Books of the Year

Screen time. iPhones. Cyberbullying. Snapchat. Ever wonder if your parents had to deal with as ...

October 13, 2020

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